We are well-versed in contemporary art and are dedicated to helping our clients better understand and appreciate each piece of work in order to make informed buying decisions.

We are passionate about our artwork and want to instill some of our passion in you. We have displayed and sold art for over 30 years, and we want to keep giving a voice to our talented and inspired artists.

So, browse our online gallery or visit E&S in person today to see all the amazing pieces we have to offer. Learn about both the art and the artist, choose the piece that most speaks to you, and then Just Say Yes, To E&S.

One of the oldest, largest, most reputable African American fine art galleries in the world. Specializing in custom framing, E&S helps clients build and preserve black fine art collections for future generations.

Art is a time-honored tradition of expression. From the earliest known cave drawings to the contemporary paintings and sculptures we see today, humans are made to create. At E&S Gallery, we specialize in collectible contemporary artwork primarily by African American artists and other fine artists that range from up and coming to renowned post-Harlem Renaissance masters.  

If you want unique artwork, such as our contemporary and African American fine art for sale, in your home or business, just say “Yes!” to E&S.

Our Gallery

E&S is known for its impeccable custom framing, exquisite art, and reputable artists. As one of the oldest and largest African American owned and operated fine art galleries in the world, we boast some of the most moving and unique pieces of art you can find.

Our fine art ranges from originals to prints to sculptures, and includes exceptional landscapes, abstracts, and figurative images. So, if you see a piece that speaks to you, don’t leave it behind.

You have the opportunity to not only experience art through our online gallery, but also to visit the gallery and experience the art in-person. Then you can either take your favorite piece home with you or have us ship it to you.

Our contemporary and African American fine artwork for sale is sure to please any art lover. So, find your favorite piece and make it a part of your home or business.

Our Reputation

​Contemporary and African American Fine Artwork for Sale