Afternoon Stroll (SOLD)


Journey To Freedom, I (SOLD)

Path To Freedom

Psalms 121:1 (SOLD)

Sherry Shine is a fiber artist, specializing in hand-cut, stitched, fused and hand-painted quilts. She received formal training at the Fashion Institute of Technology. Shine seeks out exquisite, and visually unique fabrics and she spends weeks adding fine detail like hand separating silk fibers to form grass in her landscapes, or adding found objects for embellishment detail.  It's no wonder collectors gravitate to her intricate pieces.   

Shine has always loved to draw, and she created her first mural (a huge drawing of her whole family and some friends from the neighborhood) at the age of three. Unfortunately she got in trouble for creating it on her bedroom wall, then trying to hide it behind some pillows. Thank goodness that didn't stop her from pursuing her passion as an adult. 

Today, the art of Sherry Shine is exhibited across the country in galleries, colleges, and museums including Bank Street College, New York, NY, Michigan State University Museum, East Lansing, Michigan, The Bedford Brooklyn Public Library, Brooklyn, NY, Manhattan Community College, New York, NY and The National Constitutional Center, Philadelphia, PA. Shine currently resides in New Jersey with her family.

Rhythm in the Fiber #5 (SOLD)

Elements of Bearden (SOLD)

Market Chat (SOLD)

Journey To Freedom, II

Freedom Rising, II

The Seamstress (SOLD)

Freedom Rising, I (SOLD)

Abstract Patch, #4

Sherry Shine

Freedom Symbols On My Mind (SOLD)

Abstract Jazz Rhythm Notion

Rhythm in the Fiber #4 (SOLD)

Mama's Giving Hands (SOLD)

African Water Girl

African Water Girl

Abstract Poppies, II

Mama Said There'd Be...(SOLD)